Xengda Technology Co., Ltd.

Multi-Video Presentation System


Company Introduction

TANGTAKE Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002. In the beginning, the main business were to produce the equipment of computer peripheral. After expanding the R&D department and devoted to develop the multi-screen and grid screen application hardware and software. In current time our products include: Multi-video Presentation system( MSH524), VGA & Video Matrix (MSH-322), Jumping Mouse-Multi-Screen Solution for Power User, pptNote, VGA Selector & VGA Splitter and Clar-Design. Most of these products are applied in e-education, presentation and exhibition occasions. Our goal is to become a navigator of multi-video presentation system. In July 2006 the company has changed it name from TANGTAKE Technology Co., Ltd. to Xengda Technology Co., Ltd. Su-Miao Liu successed Danny Yu as the President in Aug 2006.

Main Products

Jumping Mouse increases your productivity in multiple display environments, and helps you to perform a smoothly flowing presentation.