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Company Introduction

HoMai Co., Ltd. ( Shanghai) is an overseas-funded enterprise which mainly deals with various kinds of advanced transmission equipment and worker and accuse of the products. Our main products include linear actuators, linear actuator, gear reducer motors, gear reducers, gearmotors, dynamotors, electromagnetic cluth, inverters, etc. Depending on remarkable quality, perfect after-sale service, control in automation, transmission field and trade of garage parking, we firmly get the approval and trust of the industry, and rank among the international counterpart's advanced array. Our products have already got ISO 9002, ISO 14001 and CE, UL authentication. Our gear wheel moderate electrical machinery and garage special-purpose type moderate electrical machinery moderate plane trade has passed the system authentication for the first one, and won the seventh Taiwan sign of the fine works in 1999. We have more than 80% of Taiwan occupation rate, and more and more customers' approval at the continent. We deal TDS Taiwanese original packaging frequency converter, FUJI original packaging frequency converter, Japan MEIDEN exclusively, servo driver and precise to build every long suit electron adjust frequency converter, special-purpose electro-magnet, STC of every profession and trade, the generating set of diesel oil and full-automatic clothes hanger shaping machine, etc., at the same time HoMai 's own technology is researching and developing by setting up the automation of expert department to control the project and low electrical engineering ,etc. specially.

Main Products

linear actuators, linear actuator, gear reducer motors, double shaft gear reducer, gear reducers, small type worm reducer, gearmotors, AC/ DC miniature gear motor, lift frequency conversion electrical motors, ac induction motor, dynamotors, marine generators, diesel generator, inverters, AC DC solenoids, worm gear linear actuators, transmission mechanism, electromagnetic cluth & brake unit, full automatic clothes hanger shaping machines.