Taizhou Huadong Insulated Material Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Taizhou Huadong Insulation Material Co., Ltd was found in December 1994. We specialize in reserch development manufacturing and sales of the pultrusion products. We own rich economic strength, R&D, After-sales serivice team, profect inspection equipment and apparatus. Our products include insulation products for the elecric/electronics field and all purpose profiles. The elecric/electronics parts indude epoxy insulation rod/ tube/ duct, panel etc. which are manufactured by pultrusion, winding process and VATRTM. Other all variety of pultruded profiles include round tube/duct, round rod/bar, square tube/rod, rect tube, angle, I-beam panel, and elliptic tube etc. The products can combine into Grating, ladder, handrail, super municipal Shelf and structural platform etc. The materials include: polyester resin, epoxy resin, vinyl ester as matrix, fiberglass roving/mat as reinforcement are fabricated all various profiles through pultrusion technology. These products have light weight, high strength, good insulating property, corrossion resistance and long serivce life etc. The products are widely used in the electric/electronics, petroleum/chemical industry, building material industry, automobile industry, environment protecting and so on. These products are widely used in the elecric/ electronics insulator, petroleum/ chemical industry, building material industry, automobile industry, environment protecting and so on. The THIM hope that realize the THIM's innovation and continuous developmeut and create a glorious future with cusomer. The CPE pultrusion system is a continuous molding processs in which fiber reinforcement materials are drawn through a die. Where they are coated with specially formulted resins,cure of the fibrous laminate is initiated by a multi-stage heater in the die and catalyst in the resin mixture. The THIM has been awarded Quality System Certificate for compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2000. All our products are conformed with IEC, ASTM, ANSI, GB Quality Standard related.

Main Products

gratings, FRP gratings, epoxy fiberglass rods, tubes, ducts, composite insulators, FRP ladders, epoxy insulated rods, panels.