HannStar Display Corporation

Manufacturer of TFT And LCD Products.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
HannStar Display Corporation ( "HannStarĀ®") was established in June 1998. We are specialized in the manufacturing of TFT-LCD products and these main applications are in notebook computer displays and desktop computer monitors. At the beginning of our establishment, we have built up a clear operation concept, i.e., providing human beings with the most healthy visionary environment and dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and sales of low-radiation, low power consumption and compact & convenient TFT-LCD. HannStar now has one LCD fabrications and one LCM fabrication. Through technology transfer from Toshiba and Hitachi, HannStar acquired the state-of-the-art TFT-LCD manufacturing technology with the highest efficiency for mass production. Our customers include leading electronics companies both in Taiwan and overseas. In the future, we start to build up a high-caliber technical team and develop our own technology to promote to a higher level of quality production.

Ever since the company was first established, HannStar has possessed a clear service philosophy. We aim to provide humanity with the healthiest possible visual environment; we are engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of low-radiation, low energy consumption TFT-LCD which is lightweight and convenient to use. Looking ahead to the screen-age of the future, we are confident that we can give the next generation a window which is natural, free from obstacles, and eliminates distance!

Main Products

computer peripherals- TFT and LCD products, notebook diplays & desktop monitors, digital photo frame, electronic picture frames.