Tyn Jian International Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Since established, Tyn Jian International Co., Ltd. has positioned itself to be a "Value-added high precision machine distributor", focusing on providing the highest-standard machines and services. For many years, TJI has become a reliable supplier of cutting machines, rotary grinders, polishing machine, deburring machine, grinding wheel, multi wire saw, etc. With many world-renowd product llins, we have decated in the licing, grinding and polisging field since 1999. We strive to give the brst quality machinery as well as excellent servicesto the customers in various industries, such as silicone, sapphire, solar cell, cemares, optical, automotives, electronics, semiconductor, etc. our ultimate goal is to pursue a sustainable growth. To make our suppliers and customers maintain a balanced profit cycle and create a 3 win situation and relationship have been our missions. TJI never quits searching for innovative products and advanced technology. We look forward to making contributions for a better tomorrow of this industry.

Main Products

cutting & rotary grinding machines ( machinery, machineries), polishing & deburring machines, injection moulding machines, grinding wheels, multi wire saws.