Shanghai Chen Ma Mechanical Electrical Science Technology Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Established in 1999, Shanghai Chen Ma Mechanical Electrical Science Technology Co., Ltd is a Shanghai-based privately owned company specializes in the development and applied technologies of light industry machinery products. We consist of research & development teams in various industry sectors such as food packaging machinery, printing machinery, rubber & plastic machinery, label dispensers, and electrical equipment, etc. The R&D teams are in charge of scientific research, trial production and resolution of key problems in new products. In addition, there is a quality marketing & sales team to commission new products and sourcing components in the local market. Through well developed ideation processes, our teams design innovative products for our clients and then remain involved as needed throughout the development process. Our independence ensures our clients receive tailored advice to suit their needs. We differ from our competitors by developing our products with the operator and the product in mind. We understand the operational requirements of our clients and the environment within which our products must perform. We are proud of its heritage of providing clients with a systematic service of the selection and purchase of equipment, the installation and function adjustment of equipment, the personnel training, etc. Shanghai Chen Ma Mechanical Electrical's name is synonymous with quality, innovation and customer service. At SHCMME we wish to be respected globally for our ability to develop, source, manufacture, distribute and service the products demands of the light industrial machinery. In pursuing this goal, we will continue to expand our market share in equipment sales and further improve our knowledge and marketing in the area of packaging machinery, printing machinery, rubber & plastic machinery, and electrical equipment, etc., and constantly investigate other markets for our machinery, products, services and our expertise. We are committed to exceeding our clients' business objectives through the application of good design and engineering. Our team of expert designers and engineers develop products, research and engineering equipment throughout a broad range of industry sectors. Finally, we will support our overseas collaborators and agencies and pursue additional overseas opportunities so that one day we may have an association in every nation in the world.

Main Products

(1) compact labeling systems- label dispensers, hand coders, carton security labelers, bottle wrap around labeling machines, food packaging machines, printing machines, rubber and plastic machines, electrical equipments. (2) solar application products- solar photovoltaic modules, PV power supply system, solar street lanterns ( lights), solar water heating applications.