Jiangsu Yibu Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Changzhou Yibu Drying Equipment Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacture of drying, mixing, granulating equipemnt in the main land of China, a specially-designated enterprise of China Association of Pharmaceutical Equipment and China General Chemical Equipment Corporation, covers more than 50,000sq.m, holds RMB 38 million of fixed assets and has more 180 sets of special processing equipment and powerful technical force, own the provincial famous trademark "YIBU". It can produce more 1,500 stes of different. At present, there are 28 kinds and over 160 of specifications and varieties. Product ranges include fluidized granulators, spray drying granulating machines, dry roller pressing granulator, fluidizing dryers, horizontal ribbon blenders mixers, double screw cone mixing equipment, vacuum and conductive style dryers, high speed grinding granulators, coffee processing plants, etc. The credit level is AAA for the passing days. ISO 9001 & ISO 1400 are approved. We pay much attention to science and technology renovation. First or later, it has cooperated with the institutes that are Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing and so on, and cooperated with Shenyang Chenmical Institute, Ministry of Chemical Industry, Qinghua University, Shanghai Transporation University, Dalian Science and Technology University. Therefore the company can put 3-5 new varieties into the market every year. In 1998, through approval of state relevant departments, the company set up China Research Center of Drying and Granulating, that can research new process and develop new technology and provide new products for pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries. We have many testing machine in our lab for to make trials for clients. We’ve sold equipment to USA, Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala, Brazil, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Iran, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong and so on totally nearly 50 countries and districts around the planet.

Main Products

we provide spray dryers, high-speed centrifugal spray dryers, pressure spray(cooling) dryers, air stream spray dryers, spray dryers for Chinese traditional medicine extract, sealed circulation spray dryers, asepsis spray dryers, high efficiency fluidizing dryers, vertical fluidizing dryers, rectilinear vibrating-fluidized dryers, horizontal ribbon blenders mixers, two dimensions mixers, double screw cone mixers, horizontal ribbon mixers, air steam dryers, spray dryers, oven style dryers, granulators.