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Company Introduction

Looking for information on a specific type of External HDD Box? Sheng Rong Hui (Shenzhen) Electronic Co., Ltd, the professional HDD case manufacturer, offers wide range of enclosure for difference applications. From2.5inch external HDD box, 3.5inch external USB HDD case to 5.25inch external HDD case, you want it, Sheng Rong Hui has it!
If you are looking for enclosures, Sheng Rong Hui (Shenzhen)Electronic Co.,Ltd is the right place to look. Belows are the list of our ADD case products, including2.5 inch external HDD case, 3.5inch external USB HDD case, 5.25-inch external HDD case. You can know more about our product by visiting our website.

Main Products

HDD media players, network HDD storages, portable HDD enclosures, card readers.