Solytech Enterprise Corporation

Manufacturer of PC Power Supplies.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Solytech Enterprise Corporation straight stand by the textile industry was established from 1982 years. In early establishing period, we mainly engaged in the service of trading textile fabrics, in order to have the best competitive capability, has purchased the land and factory in Hsinchu industrial district to build the textile weaving factory in 1987 for producing all kinds of long filament textile fabrics. In 1996 worked out the goal toward upstream development, applied the capital cash increased project to use for purchasing Fang-yuan industrial district Chang- hua county and constructed draw textured facility factory for purchasing draw textured machine. On February 9, Chang -hua the polyester processed yarn factory passed through ISO 9000 approved certificate. In July introduce electronic business department, mainly to sell exchange power supply enable to improve company running capability and diversified products so as to enhance the competition. Our electronic business has up to ten years experience in switching power supply industry. At present the major electronic production to use switching power supply and case for computer, including innovating, research and development, manufacture and sale. We hold the opinion about the "honest carry on, satisfying customer, positive innovation and group cooperation". In order to expect to supply perfect service for customer, and aspire to sustainable carry on of the goal. We rectify our products against precise instruments in the step of research and development to make our products arriving at the higher level. Our products approved by TUV, UL, CSA, NEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO, SEMKO, CE, etc. The components that we used are approved by Safety units too, we rank suppliers according to quality evaluation, this can keep our input With high quality, this, assure high stability, safety in our products. The customer service unit offer solutions for our customers for solving the problems of system compatibility. Besides troubleshooting, the relational test data be offered speedy for making our customers to understand our products. We follow ISO international standard to produce our products, all listed on operation manual. Following international SOP by each unit to reach the goal of standard production and consistently, improving our quality again and again. The best quality is our target.

We hold the below or under of carry on opinion to achieve sustainable carry on of the goal.
‧HONEST CARRY ON: Zealous to handle the main department of development, and request sustainable carry on of the goal.
‧SATISFYING CUSTOMER: Understand and satisfy the need of customers, and supply perfect service.
‧POSITIVE INNOVATION: Innovate, research and develop the competitive new products in order to cope with vary from minute to minute of environment and trend.
‧GROUP COOPERATION: Effective connect and teamwork of the internal of the company, joint achieve the mission and goal.

Main Products

electromechanics- PC power supply ( supplies), switching power supply ( supplies), power adapters, micro cases, PC cases, wind-solar hybrid power generators, energy saving light kits.