Netronix, Inc.

Manufacturer of POS Peripherals.


Company Introduction

Netronix, INC, is the designer and manufacturer of network products and eBook Reader total solutions. It was founded by a group of well-experienced experts in Jun. 1997 with capital of US$8,600,000 and headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Our service includes (1) ethernet applications: from Ethernet Switch, Gigabit Switch, Web-smart Switch to SNMP managed switch that fits the needs from Home and SOHO network, small and medium business to government and enterprises. (2) Wireless products: wireless adapters, AP, routers, and along with some wireless peripherals. (3) NAS ( Network Attached Storage): networking data backup and sharing mechanism. (4) Multimedia products: PVR (Personal Video Recorder), Cameras, and PoE compliant products for various demands. (5) e-Book Reader total solutions: from designing ID, Hardware, Software to manufacture eBook Reader products. As we have mentioned, Netronix has a very good experience in designing and manufacturing network and e-Book Reader products. Besides, All of the products are in fully compliance with ISO QC process and ROHS green production. Moreover, the company exploits resources and creates a presence in the eBook Reader market. Netronix is the best choice for OEM and ODM products. The ISO-9001 certification is a very important milestone in our efforts to deliver qualified products and services to our customers, and provides a platform for continuous improvement. After completion of a stringent quality audit, the ISO-9001 registration is the result of months of hard work by dedicated our employees and validates our efforts to establish and maintain exceptionally high standards for quality. It not only represents a significant achievement for Netronix, but also provides further assurance to our global customer base that the processes involved in the design and development, manufacture, service and support of Netronix' s products adhere to the ISO 9001 quality management standard. This strategic initiative will enable us to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and partners in all areas of the world. Our company is now impelling ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Main Products

audio & video products- POS peripherals, audio speakers, multimedia speakers, car speakers, micro speakers, touch LCD monitors, USB VoIP phone adapters, USB VoIP single phone adapters, USB audio adapters, ebooks ( ebook, e books, e-book) readers.