Synmosa Biopharma Corporation

Your Trustworthy Partner in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Products in Asia Region.


Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Synmosa Biopharma was founded in 1980. In the early days, the company started as an importer for pharmaceutical products; with its developing strategy, Synmosa nowadays has its business coverage in the pharmaceutical research and development, manufacturing, distribution, and sales and marketing activities deeply involved in cardiovascular, respiratory, and hormone therapy area. Our sales channels include all hospitals, general practices, and drug stores in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Moreover, our branded products also have been exported and successfully marketed in the Southeast Asia region. Synmosa has conducted business with its core values: "Integrity", "Trust", "Accountability", and "Innovation" for the past thirty years. Synmosa has become one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry with its innovative technology in drug formulation and strong marketing power.

"Honesty and Integrity", "Substantial Operation", "Precise Foresight", "Talent Cultivation", "Striving Counts More Than the Gain"
Our employees around the world all follow Synmosa's core values and philosophy to perform daily work in new drug development, dedicating manufacturing process, quality assurance and control, distributing, professional supporting business operation. With the belief that human resources are the most valuable assets of the company, employee training programs are held periodically. With Synmosa's mission of pursuing a better and healthier life for human beings, quality products are provided for the general public.

Main Products

health care & pharmaceutical products- timeless & flat gold serum, timeless micro brightness creams, creamy cleansing milk, timeless revitalizing gel, innovative pharmaceutical and health care products, prescription drugs, anti-inflammatory analgesics, cardiovascular Products, hormone replacement treatment ( HRT), metabolic therapeutic products, muscle relaxant, neurological/ psychiatric medicines, respiratory medicines, urological products, OTC ( over-the-counter) medicine, dermatologic products, gastro-intestinal products, cold Symptom relief/ expectorants, vitamins ( A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, etc), nutrition/ food supplement, cosmetic products, brightness cream, skin whitening serum, skin revitalizing gel cream, moisture & cleaning lotions.