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Company Introduction

Dalian Hands Machine Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer of lost wax castings, sand casting, cnc & forging machining. Products include pump parts, valve parts, hydraulic parts, automobile parts, motor parts, coupling parts, gear components, etc. Our factory has built a well-developed QC management system on the principle "Let the customer be satisfied and making improvement continuously". We have passed the over-all quality inspection system of ISO 9001:2008 by now. We set up both a long-term and a short-term quality object due to the different stages of development and customers" requirement. And we also have corresponding scheme for each object. We take a tracking investigation to each plan by particular staff to make sure that our quality object can be successfully accomplished. We has a strong quality control department, the staff in this team have specific responsibility and power. We have explicit quality requirement to the use of raw material which must get the permission of the department of quality inspection before storage. Printing different marks in different production period, if rejects, it is imperative to segregate them from accepts; placing scrap returns of each period in the different areas to make sure that different returns for different pouring ; during melting, the thermal control meter is used for detecting temperature when molten iron out of furnace. The well-qualified molten iron begin pouring. During every pouring, we will take a triangle test pieces in order to check material conditions. The area of different shape of castings must be poured by different temperature of molten iron; To analyze castings required by different materials after pouring and separate rejects from accepts. Both the initial and final products inspection have corresponding inspection standard, the result can be divided as well-qualified products. bad-qualified products and substandard products. Our staff has the quality course on a regular time basis which stresses on the consciousness of "quality first". It takes group study and gives examination to separate working team. We have a long-term training plan which pay a special attention to the protracted nature and continuity of regular-floating staff in private companies, we have records to all kinds of training. We hope to have a long-term cooperation with you through our sincere service.

Main Products

lost wax castings, pump parts and valve parts, hydraulic parts, automobile parts, motor parts, coupling parts.