Portwell, Inc.

Manufacutrer of Industrial Computers & Peripherals.


Company Introduction

Founded in 1993, Portwell has focused herself towards a high-technology scope that brings company value through the state-of-the-art. For the past years, continuous leading product development and revenue growth have made Portwell a major Mission-Critical Application Platform Provider in the world. Products include single-board computers, industrial backplanes, motherboards, industrial chassis, power supply, The in-house design of industrial computers and application platforms by Portwell has also been targetted to meet our customer needs for flexibility. With streamline access to the latest Intel technology, we paved the way with the broadest array of building blocks, delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet and even exceed the demanding needs of the ever-changing telecommunication, medical electronics, industrial automation, defense and life automation markets. Committed to supplying customers with a one-stop shopping approach of full product selection, competence and sophisticated customer support, Portwell helps all our customers pave the royal road to success and stay ahead of competition.

Main Products

1. industrial computer service- single-board computers ( SBCs), industrial grade backplanes, industrial motherboards ( main boards) & extension boards, industrial chassis, 19" 1u/2u/3u/4u/6u rackmount ( rack mount), 6/8-slot industrial node chassis, power supply, open frame power supplies, adapters, extension cables, accessories & peripherals, embedded pc chassis, modular computer, embedded system board, embedded rugged fan-less systems, rugged & stylish industrial mini-ITX bare bone cases, digital security surveillance, digital video capture card, high density CF ( compact flash) memory cards, coolers, riser card, adapter board, 5.25" compact drive set, PMIO boards. 2. panel devices- portable pc board, panel pc, IP65 panel computer. 3. vertical market service- all in one POS system, retail point-of-sale (POS) pc, UATX/ ATX game board, in-vehicle infotainment platform. 4. EMS ( engineer manufacturing service) & DMS ( design manufacturing service).