Shanghai Yinxia Sheet Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Shanghai Yinxia Sheet CO., Ltd., is a filiale of Gonow Group of China, is a specialized manufacture of panels i.e. Polycarbonate Sheets and Aluminium composite panel. Gonow Polycarbonate (PC) Sun Sheets are made of macro- molecule engineering plastics i.e., polycarbonate resin. Our company is glad to provide a complete range of PC Sun Sheets: Hollow Profiles and Solid Sheets. With more cost saving advantages over traditional lighting and roofing alternatives, such as high transparency, high impact resistance, light weight, better insulation properties, fire retardancy, good thermal insulation, long service-life, etc. and are the ideal glazing materials for greenhouse, industrial building, recreational center and public building.  

Main Products

compound plates, aluminium composite panels, PC solid sheets, PC hollow profiles, PC studded sheets, accessories.