Nantong Kailian Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Nantong Kailian Industry (Group) Co.,Ltd was founded in 1992, in Nantong ,Jiangsu Province. Under the help of the local government and the workers’ struggle, it now has processed to become an integral company gathering the development, mint, fineness set and install units. The products involve a lot of areas, such as, wind-power generators, chemical engineering machine, environmental protection equipment, the fabrication of wind-power and building material machine, and estate development. We start the research of 2.0MW wind turbine from the beginning of 2003, wind turbine group domestic research team also engaged the wind power industry in China experts, Tsinghua University professor of technical advisers. We now handle the key technologies of 2MW wind turbine, and has completed the design. We finished the technical prototype verification in Tsinghua University in 2004, as well as the frequency test. The result has been passed with the experts’ agreement. The company covers 400 mu, with monomer plant of 50,000 square meters. total 260 million RMB in fixed assets in 2004 sales output value of 260 million RMB, 51 million RMB of profits and taxes. The total number of employees in the company's existing 561, with 182 professional and technical personnel, including 31 senior titled, 92 medium titled. The company has various machining equipment and detection equipment, pressure vessels with three types of design, manufacture qualifications, welder qualification certification examinations. It obtained the ISO 9001 international quality system certification. Companies in 2004 was rated the top ten in Nantong City of private enterprises, AAA credit ratings. The company sticks to the "people-centered and technology enterprises", the road of development in recent years, continuously from large well-known domestic enterprises to introduce senior management personnel-and all kinds of professional and technical personnel, and with Tsinghua University and other domestic institutions of higher learning and scientific research units work closely together to continuously develop new products and committed to the development of scientific and technological enterprises. The products are also in the high-tech transformation. In the future, the development of the company will focus mainly on the strength of pioneering adapt to a large offshore wind turbine, fans and otherlarge machinery and chemical products.

Main Products

environment protection equipment- windpower generators, wind power equipments, fans, chemical machines, Non-Leak magnetic drive autoclave, efficient vertical bucket elevator.