General Integration Technology Co, Ltd

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

GIT provide digital enterprise solution start from digital design, 3D scanning system ,rapid prototyping(3D Printing), rapid tooling(RT), digital manufacture. The whole idea of the integration process is ability of our customers focus on to increase the productivity, quality, time to market.

GIT Co., Ltd is a leading developer of Integrated Process & Software for the Shoe industry.

Founded in 1991, with headquarter in Taichung, a famous shoe city of Taiwan. GIT provide dedicated professional solution like: ShoeMagic-sole, MorphMagic, MoldMagic, Shoemagic-upper solution that streamline design process of Shoe, significantly shorten Shoe's product develop time.

GIT's solution enables users meet today's challenging develop cycle of shoe product. The company has more than 50 customers now in shoe industry distributed in whole Asia country & Europe, USA.

Main Products

1. Stratasys 3D Printing/ Rapid Tooling: 3D printers & materials
2. 3D Scanner/ Reversed Engineering Software: Artec 3D Scanners, Breuckmann 3D Scanner, CIMCORE 6 Axis Portable Measuring Arm, Geomagic Solution,
3. CATIA Software/ Shoemagic