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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Pitotech is a leading technology provider. Most of people are curious to know where the PITOTECH come from? Pitotech represent by Pitot and Technology. Pitot tube is an instrument to measure the air speed in front of jet fighter. It means speed and leading edge of Technology. Our experienced engineers delivery high quality solution and service to fulfill our customers' requirement.

To be your friend is our business philosophy. Pitotech always pursue long-term business with our clients and partners. In the stormy business environment you need to be competitive, fast pace and make the right decision. Pitotech offers a comprehensive array of solutions to increase your profits, efficiency and enhance your core competence. We offer you the power to win!

Our Vision is to be a knowledge provider. The advanced knowledge provider is Pitotech. We are not only as a product distributor but also a knowledge distributor. We believe you can't afford to miss working with Pitotech.

Main Products

3D Printers ( 3d printing machines), 3d scanners, DSP/telecommunication robotics, control system, etc