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Company Introduction

GOUSHIN MACHINERY TOOLS CO., LTD. establishes in the spring of 1995. Before the establishment of the company, our superintendent has had more than ten years experience in design, research, and development in CNC Machinery tools. At the beginning of our establishment, we were engaging the sale of all kinds of components and accessories related to machining. In 1998, we established a machining center department and imported equipments from Japan for delicate processing, including spindle box, bearing block, and motor bracket. We process these products that need further processing by ourselves in order to keep high quality and high precision. With respect to machining tools, the products we manufacture ranging from widespread belt type spindle, gear spindle to CNC double column gear spindle and so on and so forth. The requirements of current market and the newest orientation of sale is our basic consideration to promote our sale to the world. Our products are sold directly and indirectly to many countries and areas, including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, The Mainland China, Thailand, South Asia, Europe and the United States. In the meantime, we sell our products through trading agent, OEM and dispatching machine with the same trade. Besides, we also accept ODM. It makes our products even more perfect that all staffs are engaged in and do every step by ourselves from manufacturing to assembling.

Main Products

1. Industrial Machineries & Equipments- CNC Machining Center, Box/ Linear way Machining Center, CNC Vertical/ Horizontal Central Machinery, CNC Double Column Type VMC, metal cutting machine tools, 5 Axis Machine Center, tapping centers, etc.
2. machine parts/ accessories- Planetary Gearboxes ( Gear Boxes/ Box), Gears, Straight Bevel Gear, Metal Spiral Bevel Gear, Internal Gear, Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Helical Gear and Pinion, Worm Wheels, Curvic Couplings, Tool Magazine, Spindle Heads, Long Spindle Nose, ATC Unit, Milling Heads, etc.