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Company Introduction

Sunruy Technologies is the leading manufacturer in 3D printer, 3D scanner, and 3Dprinting material in China. We focus on the development of new 3D printing technology. Our company owns skilled engineer, professional R&D experts, advanced equipment, accurate test devices as well as high standard quality control system.sunruy technologies

Our expertly integrated solutions replace and complement traditional methods. They reduce the time and cost of designing new products by printing real parts directly from digital input. These solutions are used to rapidly design, create, communicate, prototype or produce real parts, empowering customers to manufacture the future. We always insist on the faith of "Good quality, Honest Service, Good Communication" to meet the market needs.Up to today, all our products sell well in the international market.

Main Products

China 3D printing machines & materials manufacturer- FDM 3d printer, SLA 3d printers, BIO-3d printer, 3d scanner, PLA filament, ABS filaments, PVA filament, HIPS filament, PETG filament, Photosensitive resin, Flex filaments, PC filament, etc.