Virtual Realities, LLC

Worldwide Distributor of Virtual Reality!

United States

Company Introduction

Since 1992, Virtual Realities, LLC. has been the world’s leading distributor of 3D peripheral products, input/output devices, bundled software, and integrated systems to the educational, industrial, entertainment, and military markets. In addition to selling our own product line of head mounted displays and motion tracking systems, we are also the leading reseller of many other display and tracking products. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with integrated turnkey solutions that deal with Professional Virtual Reality applications.

Whatever your industry, we can define and deliver an immersive solution that saves money, enhances safety, improves time to market, entertains, or presents your marketing message in powerful new ways.

Our Skilled Team of Professionals include Technicians, Marketers, System Integrators and Hardware/Software Developers. Be it Medical, Military, Education or Entertainment purposes, Virtual Realities, Ltd. has a solution for you!

Main Products

Virtual Reality products- Head Mounted Displays, Stereoscopic 3D, Augmented Reality, 2D Monoscopic, Monocular, Head Trackers, Motion Tracker, Inertial, Magnetic, Optical, Motion Capture Suits, Face Tracking Devices, Eye Tracker, Data Gloves, 3D Controllers, Force Feedback / Haptics, Stereoscopic Display, VR Domes, VR Software / Kits, VR Simulators.