Prodigy Motorcycle Accessories Manufacture

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Prodigy Motorcycle, Inc. was founded in 1972, dedicated to the performance of motorcycle parts and accessories, has extensive experience, Renamed in 2003 as the Ji-Guai Industrial Co., Ltd., and founded brand PRODIGY. Backed by strong R&D, we supply top-quality performance-enhancing engine power kits, exhaust pipes as well as suspension, power transmission and brake parts for motorcycles and ATVs. Our stringent QC and complete after-sales service have helped to bring in substantial orders. Currently we are developing improved, innovative items that enhance CVT transmission parts and suspension performance to better meet market demands. Main Products/Service: Motorcycles, Engine Parts, Clutches, Clutch Parts, Brake Parts, Front Forks, Shock Absorbers, Handle Parts, Steering Handles, Throttle Grips.

Main Products

* Transmission: Variator Kit, Mcv Variator Kit, BR3 Clutch Kit, BT5 Clutch Kit, Torque Cam, Rollers Weight, Torque Spring, Clutch Springs.

* Suspension: M5 Racing Shock, S-21 Sport Shocks, S-21 Sport Shock II, Front Forks, Front Fork SP.

* Accessory: Carbon GripsHandlebars, Kick Start Levers, Turn Lights, Rearview Mirror.

and more motorcycle accessories.