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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Taiwan Takisawa is specialised in manufacturing precision machine tools and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) drillers for domestic and international markets. In the machine tool line, there are small and medium CNC lathes and non­CNC high speed precision lathes. For PCB drillers, we provide 6-shaft and 7-shaft models. Taiwan Takisawa is also and OEM partner for all types of lathes that it builds for Japanese companies. Major customers for our CNC lathes are the bicycle, motorcycle and automobile industries, as well as parts processing plants supplying the aeronautic industry. For years, the precision and stability of our products have been highly acclaimed by various industries, leading to a 15% market share in Taiwan.

To assist printed circuit board manufacturers, the PCB driller line was launched for domestic and international markets in April 1999. Exhaustive testing by customers has confimed the superior quality of our PCB drillers and they have achieved overwhelming acceptance by the industry.

By combining an ongoing research and development program with its zero defect policy, Taiwan Takisawa is well positioned to maintain a competitive edge and increase its future market share by improving product functionality, assuring consistently good quality, and lowering production costs.

1. Satisfy customers and commit to social responsibility.
2. Satisfy shareholders. expectations.
3. Maximize benefits to employees.
4. Commit to local prosperity through business partnership.
5. Protect natural resources and environment on a continued basis

We aim to achieve professionalism. A true professional means self growth, independence, mutual respect, trust and broad-mindedness. We support every employees who targets on becoming a professional.

Main Products

machine tools manufacturing- CNC turning and milling lathes, lathe machinery, high speed automatic cnc lathe, multiple axes lathe machinery, high performance turning center, extra heavy duty CNC lathe, CNC vertical lathes, twin turret turning centers, high speed meticulous drilling machine.