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Company Introduction

With experiences for more than 30 years in manufacturing precision accessories, Super Jaw Industry has become the name of high precision, high quality and high price-performance ratio. Super Jaw supplies first quality product and service to major machine tool manufactures not only in Taiwan, also China, Europe and America.

In R&D, Super Jaw employs Solid Work® 3D software to tailor-make jig fixtures in order to fulfill customer's specific production request.

In Sales, the technical consultation, pre-sales and after-sales service are also part of Super Jaw products. All inquiries concerning price or technical issues will be responded within the shortest time.

In Marketing, Super Jaw introduces Ultra High Pressure Cleaning machine, offering a diversified and all-aspect service to customers.

There is no secret and shortcut in manufacturing precision accessories. Super Jaw's quality foundation is decent attitude in business and accuracy. All quality circles are connected one another, for all staffs in Super Jaw Industry Co., Ltd., the word "Accuracy" is not just a series of technical data, it is out consistent attitude in business.

Main Products

High Precision Jig Fixtures for Metalworking Equipment :
* Soft Jaws For Hydraulic Chucks
* Special Soft Jaws For Hydraulic Chucks
* Wrapped Soft Jaw For Hydraulic Chucks
* Howa Soft Jaws For Hydraulic Chucks
* Hard Jaws For Hydraulic Chucks
* Tongue & Grooved Soft Jaws
* Draw Type Jaws
* Peripheral Accessories: Forming Disc & Ring, Teenut (T-nut) Set, Bar Pullers,
* Customized Clamping Equipments
* Hydraulic Chucks: 2(two)-Jaws, 3/ three jaws, 4/ four jaws, solid rotary hydraulic cylinders, High Speed Hollow Power Chucks, Pull Back Power Chuck Fixture.
* Scroll Chucks Series
* Pneumatic Chucks Series
* Super Thin Chucks Series
* Live Centers
* Optical Edge Finder
* Part Wash Machine, Ultra-high pressure cleaning machinery