Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd

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Company Introduction

Founded in 1978 and established the own brand “GPM”, Gallant Precision Machining (GPM) (TWSE: 5443) was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1995. Starting out as a manufacturer of mold parts and components for semiconductor equipment, GPM gradually entered the process equipment, automation equipment, and precision mold part and component industries in 1985. Later in 2002 and 2006, GMP merged respectively with Kingbond and Kingroup Systems to enhance process technology RD, production, and manufacturing capabilities, thus allowing it to successfully enter the core supply chain of LCD, PV, PCB, biomedical, robot, and smart automation industries. Today, GPM products and services are distributed throughout Asia, with accounts across Greater China and Southeast Asia.

Over the past forty years or so, GPM has been cultivating Taiwan, gathering resources and RD talents across the strait, building a the most powerful professional engineering RD team, and developing various core technologies, so as to get ahead of the game and continuously develop industry-leading process and equipment technologies

GPM group's business scope include Intelligent Factory and Consultant,Intelligent Automation System and ROBOT,Flat Panel Display Processing Equipment, AOI Equipment,Semiconductor Processing and Detecting Equipment, Wet Process / Chemical Technology Equipment,Laser Application Equipment, In Vitro Diagnostic Products, Contact Lens Production Equipment & Construct ,Precision Machinery, Mold Manufacture and Solar Cell Production Equipment & Construct.

In addition to providing quality products, GPM is devoted to deploying new industries and new products to improve living quality, thus laying a solid brand value for GPM.

GPM is committed to providing first-rate technology, products and service to help customers innovate process and enhance core competitiveness. Through collaborative development and planning process requirements, GPM provides the best total solutions for process and technology. With professional technologies and experiences accumulated over the years, GPM concentrates on improving technology and service quality, aggressively enters new industries, and reinforces horizontal cooperation for gradual transformation, to help customers create greater corporate competitiveness and create win-win for both parties.

Main Products

* Display Processing Equipment- Cup Wheel Grinding Machine, Multi Wheel Grinder Machines, Forming Wheel Grinding Machinery, CNC In Line Grinding Machine, 3D FPR Lamination Machine, Polarizer Lamination Machine, Double Actuator Polarizer Lamination Machine, Peelable Mask Peeling Machine, After Slimming Cleaner, Polish Roller Cleaning Equipments, Grind Cleaner, Initial Cleaner, Predepo Cleaner &Docking Cleaners, Wafer Incoming Inspection, Hyper Microscope, After Slimming Surface AOI, Contact Lens AOI, Burr Checker, Multi-Head Scriber Machine, Automaiton System.

* Semiconductor, IC Processing & Detecting Equipment- Chip Sorter, Die Bonder, Semi-auto Molding System, 60T/120T Fully Automatic Molding System, Fully Automatic IC Substrate Punch Machine, Fully Automatic Dejunk/Trim Systems, Fully Automatic Form/Singulation System, ID Wafer Laser Marking System, Wafer Wet Bench, Slit Coater/Slot Die.

* Processing Equipment and Automation System for Green Energy Industry- PV Solar Solution, I-V Tester/Sorter, PECVD Automation, Wet Bench Automation, CST Exchanger.

* Biotechnology Processing Equipment- In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Products, Chemiluminescent immunoassay (CLIA), Automatically liquid handling Station, Cassette assembly and Packaging machine of lateral flow test, Cast Forming Machine, Blister Sealing Machine, Polymerization Machine, Demolding Machine, Hydration Machine.

* Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment- Burr Checkers, Wafer Incoming Inspection Device.

* Intelligent Automaiton System- Automatic Aligning System, Medical Materials Auto Assembly System, Auto Wafer Sorting System, Auto Wafer LD/ULD, Sapphire Wafer LD/ULD, IC Substrate Auto LD/ULD, FPD Glass Substrate PK/UPK, FPD Glass Substrate LD/ULD, Automated Guided Vehicle System, AGV Vehicle Dispatching System, Software v.s. Hardware Integration Service.