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Company Introduction :

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) was founded on November 6th, 2008 through the restructuring and consolidation of the China Aviation Industry Corporation Ⅰ (AVIC Ⅰ) and the China Aviation Industry Corporation Ⅱ (AVIC Ⅱ). We are centered on aviation and provide complete services to customers in many sectors— from research and development to operation, manufacturing and financing. Our business units cover defense, transport aircrafts, helicopters, avionics and systems, general aviation, research and development, flight testing, trade and logistics, assets management, finance services, engineering and construction, automobiles and more. We have over 100 subsidiaries, nearly 27 listed companies and more than 450,000 employees. In 2016, AVIC ranked 143th among the newly published Fortune Top 500 enterprises.

AVIC commits itself to commercial transportation industry, cooperating with the global partners and actively participating in the development of international programs. We are the Tier I supplier of ARJ-21 and C919 and produce parts and components for aircraft manufacturers worldwide. The regional turboprop MA60 series, Y12s and the AC series helicopters are exported.

AVIC have built strong productivities and core competencies in manufacturing and high-tech industries. We integrate aviation science and technology into automobile, motorcycle, components and spare parts and develop products and technologies such as refrigeration equipment, electrical devices, environment protection equipment and new energy technologies. Besides the aviation business, electronic products like LCD, circuit boards, new energy products like lithium battery and wind energy and auto parts are reputed as high quality and lead the industry in terms of technology and scale of economy.

AVIC provides various services including aircraft leasing, general aviation, transportation, medical services, planning and construction and etc. We have developed global competitiveness and expertise in civil engineering projects such as the airport construction, cement factory design and construction, power plant construction, rail transportation, highway bridges, vocational education, mobile hospital, garbage incineration power generating, etc. Several EPC or BOT projects have been successfully carried out in Asia, Africa and South America.

AVIC is developing into a global company with diversified businesses and in a localized operation.

Main Products :

* Military Aviation and Defense: high-performance and multi-purpose fighter jets, trainers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, drone), Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), Transport Aircraft, Avionics Systems, Aircraft Simulators.

* Civil Aviation: Commercial Aircraft, Helicopters, business jets, multi-purpose airplanes and private aircraft, Airborne Information Systems, Airborne Maintenance and Recording System, inertial navigation systems (INS), Aviation Flight Test and Services.

* Power & Energy: Gas Turbine Generators, Wind Turbine Generator, lithium ion battery and power management systems, high power super capacitors, automatic production line for lithium batteries.

* Electrical Equipment: motors, External Gearing Reducer, Permanent Magnet Planetary Reducers, Electromagnetic Planetary Reducer, synchronous motors.

* Electronics: Electrical connector, Optical components, wire cable assemblies.

* General & Special Equipment: Laser Radar Ceilometer, visibility meter, Weather aerograph, Meteorological Monitoring Devices, multiple unit valves, Central swivel joint, Oil Cylinders, self-cleaning filter system, oxygen-enriched sewage purification treatment system, polymer prilling machine, plunger variable double pump, tower crane brake system, Smart Tea Bag Packing Machinery, intelligent decoking systems,oxygen generator for medical and home use, artificial joints and limbs, Five-axis bridge-type/ gantry-type high speed CNC milling machine, Five-axis vertical/ horizontal Machining Center, electron beam welding machines, Plasma Spraying Equipment, Pipe Sterilizing Machine, friction stir welder machines, Aspheric Optical Ultra-precision Machining System, CNC Winding Press.

Other Information :

Business Nature : Manufacturer, Exporter
Company Capital : N/A
Annual Revenue : N/A
President : Mr. Lin
No. of Total Staff : 3001 ~
Current Export Markets : Worldwide
Brand Names : AVIC
Shipment : Sea
Currency : USD
Negotiable : Non-negotiable

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC)

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