Shanghai RealSmart Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Company Introduction

Company Profile:
Welcome your visiting here! RealSmart was founded in China 2003 with booming industry of Smart Card & RFID business. The headquarters of us is located in Shanghai, with branches in China. We are a team of highly qualified specialists who have worked for a long time.

Building on the culture of passion, excellence and reliability, RealSmart now covers the entire smart card &RFID product sales, value added solution and up to chip manufactory.

RealSmart offers our customer and partners expertise in both high-quality, low-cost product as well as a flexible software solution and a professional consultant service.

With slogan “Creating smart platform”, RealSmart is helping to create a smart platform for not only our own business but also our partner’s development in China and global customers which are seeking for Chinese partnership!

A Professional Team
* Most staffs are well educated and have constant professional training, especially on their occupational skills
* Major Managers and operators have longtime working experiences, some over 10 years in smart card & RFID industry
* Multi-language makes communication easy, support English, Russian, Spanish
* We know how about different level’s customer demands, also to industrial trend
* Powerful R&D team, even to software development which keeps us going up and ensures our core competition ability. We could develop COS for CPU card too
* Experienced logistics division ensures your cargos shipment safely and on-time
* All our outsourcing partners were qualified and with mass production capacity

Know the world of state-of-the-art and future trends for Chinese Smart Card and RFID industry, we, Shanghai RealSmart, are active in working together with further chip suppliers so as to support more stable and quality chips for the needs of Golden Card market. Our products can not only stand from China, but also move towards the internationalization. We will try our best to full off the grand target of ‘Cards in world, Made in China’ and establish golden bridge to promote the cooperation in Chinese nationality smart card industry and worldwide customers.

People in RealSmart are filled with confidence for the development of smart card industry. With the crowd, we will do the best of our ability and make contributions. No matter quality, price or service, we are the biggest support for you to make sure that all of us will be true heroes in market competition of political chaos and social turbulence.

Main Products

(1) Chip & Module: Contact Memory Card Chips, Contactless Card Chip, NFC Chip, Java Card Chip.
(2) Contact Card
(3) Contactless Cards: ISO Card ( UHF/ HF/ LF), Hybrid Card, PET Card, Paper Cards/ tickets, Clamshell Card, Dual Interface Card.
(4) Injection Mold ABS Card
(5) Near field communication (NFC) Products: NFC Tags/ wristband, NFC Sticker, NFC Inlay, NFC Card, NFC Business Card.
(6) RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Dry/Wet Inlay: HF Dry/Wet Inlay, UHF Dry/Wet Inlay.
(7) RFID Inlays: RFID Sheet Inlay, Ultra-thin proximity Inlay, Ultra-thin Sheet Inlay, Dual Interface Inlay, Super-thin Inlay.
(8) RFID Tag: RFID Keyfobs, RFID Wristbands (bracelets), high security RFID Seal (RFID E-Seal), RFID Anti Metal Tag, Anti-Counterfeit Labels.
(9) Device: RFID Tag Tester, Card Counter, Sheet Inlay Testers.
(10) Solutions: Access Control, Java Chip & Cards, Eco-solvent, NFC Business Card.