A Reputable Manufacturer of Power Capacitors in CZ

Czech Republic

Company Introduction

ZEZ SILKO Ltd. is a significant producer of power capacitors, capacitors for power electronics, induction heating capacitors, automatic capacitor banks and other products in the Czech Republic. ZEZ SILKO Ltd. provides complete service in power factor correction and power system evaluation included harmonics (measurement of the network parameters, preparing specifications, manufacturing equipment and delivery to customers). Components for power factor correction and regulation of electrical energy are also available.

ZEZ SILKO Ltd. is situated in East Bohemia, 150 km east of Prague, in a beautiful place near the Orlické hory mountains (motorway D11. from Prague to Ostrava).

ZEZ SILKO Ltd., a company with limited liability, was established in 1994 as a result of transformation of company ZEZ Žamberk. Tradition of this production in the Czech Republic dates back to 1934.

The company gives a big emphasis to the technical development, completeness of service and product quality. Nowadays the firm has up-to-date production technology and quality control system according to standards ISO 9001. For this reason ZEZ SILKO Ltd. can compete with all the world-wide known manufacturers.

Ecology and environmental policy are of a great concern for ZEZ SILKO. Therefore the company has been using only non toxic, ecological insulation materials
ZEZ SILKO Ltd. is a reliable business partner for you.

Main Products

‧ Low voltage power capacitors 230 V, 400 V, 415 V, 440 V, 480 V, 525 V, 690 V and 760 V
‧ Medium voltage power capacitors up to 24 kV
‧ Capacitors for power electronics (commutating, filtering, low inductance for GTO thyristors and IGBT transistors, etc.)
‧ Furnace capacitors (medium frequency)
‧ Induction heating capacitors
‧ Special capacitors
‧ Automatic low voltage capacitor banks up to 1 200 kvar
‧ Fixed and automatic medium voltage capacitor banks
‧ Components for PF Correction (controllers, contactors, detuned reactors, static switches, filters, etc.)
‧ Complete service in power factor correction and power system evaluation
‧ Disposal of old capacitors containing PCB