Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Audrey Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in R.O.C. (Taiwan) in 1994. Our factories are distributed in both of R.O.C. & P.R.C. (China) with the production of all sorts of ropes, Ring-Twisting / Rope-Making machines. After devoting to the field of twisted yarn & rope for 20 years, we have got the good selling-records & best experiences. We kindly provide our rich knowledge, exquisite product and an excellent after-sales service.

Main Products

Rope, Twisting / Rope Machine, Sisal Decorticator, Sisal Polishing cloth, UHMWPE ( Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) Yarns, Putty Powder, Jute Fiber Machinery, UHMWPE Twisted Knotless Netting (Muketsu Net), UHMWPE Woven Fabric, Unidirectional fabrics, Nylon Double Braided Rope, High Tenacity PP Multifilament Yarns, Sisal Flake Processing Machine, Copper condenser tube, Brass bar, etc.