SIGMA CNC Technology Machinery Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

SIGMA CNC Technology Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in November 2000 by President Humor Chuang together with his key partners who share the same vision for production and marketing. Led by President Humor Chuang, the efficient collaboration team is running the company’s daily operations.

Since its establishment, SIGMA CNC Technology Machinery holds the fundamental concept of “ EXPERTISE、INNOVATION、PERFORMANCE ”. Under the leadership of our President, constant efforts and renovations are made to meet ever-changing market challenges. With scientific management, we strive for high efficiency production, stable quality control, best sales and after-service. That is why SIGMA CNC is able to reap customers’ praise, reliance and confidence.

SIGMA CNC is still a young manufacturer, but what makes us different is that many top engineers in the field who have 10-20 years experience joined us. This is our unmatched condition to have advanced research and development.

Main Products

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Machine Tools-
* CNC Double Column Machining Centers
* CNC Double Column Machining Center with Auto Attachment * Head Change system
* CNC 5-FACE Double Column Machining Centre
* CNC 5-AXIS Double Column Central Machinery Tools
* CNC CROSSRAIL Double Column Machining Center
* CNC Moving Column Horizontal Machining Center
* CNC High Precision Grinding Machine (For Linear Guideways & Blocks)
* CNC Custom Machines