Qingdao Rui Jin Yuan Automatic Technology Development Co.,ltd

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Qingdao Rui Jin Yuan Automatic Tchnology Development co.,ltd is the PLA ,America ABC ,CTP supporting enterprise.
Company main research ,production and sales vegetables processing machinery,have more than 20 professional scientific and techinical presonnel, and hire professor who from university guidance research and development project.

After scientific and technical personnel for more than 10 years careful research,has development equipment which can liberate workfore?greatly improve production efficiency, operation simple and technology advanced.There are onion peeling machine,onion cutting machine,garlic cutting machine,garlic convave cutting machine,banana slicing machine,potato cleanning machine,carrot cutting and cleanning machine,vegetable sorting?cleanning?drying production line.have morethan 20 Chinese invention patents.

Main Products

food processing machinery & equipment- onion peeling machine, onion root cutting machine, banana peeling machine, garlic peeling machines, garlic root cutting machine, lilys peeling machine, Planting machinery, Harvesting machinery, Drying machinery, packing machinery, automatic powder/ bean/ granule packaging machine, washing machinery, assembly line machinery, peeling machinery, Fresh keeping machinery, cutting roots/ slicing/ dicing machinery, Sorting machinery, Mixing machinery, Juicing machinery, Cooking machinery, Sterilization machinery, Meat machinery, smoking oven, sausage meat grinder, sausage stuffer, Conveying machinery, Crushing machinery, Multi-functional machinery, Dehydrating machinery, Waxing machinery, Frying machinery, Weighing machinery, Cooling machinery, Greenhouses, Other machinery, tofu machine, pork floss machine, sausage filler, vegetable stuffing machine, pulverizer, steamed stuffed bun machine.