Asia Pacific Elite Corp.

5-Axis Aerospace, Die & Mold Total Solutions


Company Introduction

Provide the best and most excellent complete products and services
APEC Ltd. is a very professional in Taiwan machine tool manufacturers, belonging to the Tongtai Group, a subsidiary specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of large gantry high-speed 5 axis machine tools linked to the major economies in the world; our products can be broadly applied to the majority of industries, from aerospace, automobiles, trains trams, solar energy, shipbuilding, semiconductors, electronic equipment. We provide the best and most complete products and services to help customers around the world.

Application support
APEC team provides the most effective processing application program to help and support customer to meet different product characteristic and different product processing demand, for instance, accuracy of processing products profile and surface, processing time, handling post-process and so on. In order to have best performance, APEC team also assists customer to choose proper cutting tools to coordinate with spindle speed and useful equipment, to find more processing possibility, and to suggest suitable CAD/ CAM software.

Effective training course
At each different assembly progress, APEC provides each kind of training course, such as machine's characteristics, machine operation, controller operation, NC processing program and machine maintenance and so on. Furthermore, APEC helps customer to have knowledge of operating APEC machines correctly to ensure the stability, and reduce machine damage or break down due to improper uses. APEC's customers have a complete spare parts replacement of attachment heads because APEC is able to design, manufacture, assembly, tuning, and testing attachment heads.

Main Products

Five axis Machine tool-
(1) High speed, high efficiency, high dynamic central machinery:
* G series | large high speed 5 axis machining center, gantry |
* GM series | Large high speed 5-axis gantry linear motor machining centers |
* GF series | extra large high speed 5 axes machining, gantry
* MT24 series | 5 axis high speed machining center , double column
* MT15 series | 5 axis high speed machining center , double column
(2) Heavy-duty machining:
* GF series | 5 axis heavy cutting
* MDU series | Heavy duty 5-axis machining center