Ton-Whay Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors.


Company Introduction

Ton-Whay Electronic Co., Ltd. was built in 1983. In the beginning, we did OEM for Japanese customers. According to their demands, we grew up continuously. In 1992, we used auto production equipment to improve our work process. So the products we make are more reliable, longer load life, and less tolerance. By 1997, we were inducted ISO 9002 because our company’s construction became larger and larger. In 2000, we decided to add two kinds of electrical capacitors, including film and ceramic capacitor. In the meantime, part of manufacture was moved to China to make the high quality and lower-cost product. Cooperating with Japanese capacitor to develop high rank production process. Looking forward to your coming. We hope we can set up a good relationship with you.

Main Products

Main products are (1) electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, high voltage radial capacitors, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, plastics films & chip capacitors, audio capacitors, AC & DC capacitors, tantalum & trimmer capacitors, power & axial & polystyrene capacitors, characteristic & polyester capacitors, low ESR & SMD capacitors, disc capacitors, monolithic capacitors, MLCC ceramic capacitors, variable capacitors, electronic transformers, save energy transformers, electronic FCL & PLT, LED lamps, energy saving light bulbs. (2) 17” & 19” & 22” TFT-LCD monitors.