Advanced Data Access, Inc.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic, electric & electrical barcode readers, scanners products & peripherals, including bar code scanning products, POS systems, CCD scanners, industrial CCD & laser scanners, handheld data collector terminals, etc. Products exported to USA, Germany, Sweden, France, Spain, UK, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia & China.

Main Products

consumer electronics, barcodes products & supply- (1) barcode CCD scanners- handheld barcode scanner, handheld barcode scanners, handheld ( hand held, handy) 1D & 2D bar code ( barcode), image readers, laser guns 2D & badge slot readers, handheld & portable data collectors, portable data collector, 2D handheld readers, 2D cell ( mobile, cellular) phones & RFID readers, RFID reader, passive & active RFID readers, 2D scanners, transponders, metal box 2D scanners, hand held long range linear imager scanners, 2D modules, compact laser scanners. (2) swipe readers- magnetic & bar code slot readers.(3) RF bar code laser guns. (4) handheld datacom ( data com) terminals. (5) fixed industrial 1D scanners- fixed CCD laser, 2D fixed readers, compact CCD, compact laser.