Shihpei Electronics Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of phone headsets, microphones, earphones, audio speakers, headset microphones, speaker box designs and stereo headphones since 1983. Certificated of ISO 9001 and CE. ODM and OEM are welcome.

Main Products

electronic & audio products- (1) earphones ( ear phones)- stereo, crystal radio & TV ear phones. (2) headsets- microphone, microphones, headset microphone, headset microphones, cell phone accessory, cellular ( mobile) phone & helmet headset, headset microphones. (3) headphones- stereo & studio & IR headphones, TV & RF headphones, surround & motorcycle head phones, phone & USB headphones, audio & MP3 headphones, remote & sports ( sporting) head phones. (4) speakers- audio & micro & loud speakers, audio loud & multimedia computer & notebook speakers, monitors, speaker cones & boxes design, build a speak boxes, building speaker boxes. (5) microphones- clip & wear & neckband microphones, condenser microphone units. (6) others- transducers, buzzers, receivers, speakers, headset microphone.