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IEEE 1394 Cables

ieee 1394 cables

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Detail Information

Description :

The IEEE1394 is revolutionizing the transfer of digital data for computers and for professional and consumer electronics. The low cost non-proprietary high speed method of linking digital devices has provided a truly universal I/O connection. Its flexible peer to peer topology and scalable architecture makes IEEE1394 ideal for connecting devices ranging from hard-drives and printers to digital audio and video hardware with real time processing requirements for on-time multimedia.

Specification :

Application: 1. Computers: Both Desktop and Notebook 2. Consumer electronics products: VCR; Camcorder, Set-top boxes and Digital TV. 3. Electronic publishing products: Printer and Scanner 4. Multimedia products: Digital Camera, Audio Equipment and Stereo 5. Data Storage and Retrieval products: Hard Disk and CD-ROM; DVD-ROM Drivers. Cable Features: 1. Fully IEEE1394 specification compliant. 2. Tested and passed 400Mbps requirements. 3. IEEE 1394 6/6 and IEEE1394 4/4 cable assembly both are available

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