A & Adcon Electronic Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer and exporter of electronic components, including RCA plugs, banana plugs, binding post, switches, RF connectors, sockets and terminals exports to Europe, North America, Australia and other Asian countries. ODM and OEM are also welcome.

Main Products

electronic components & parts- RCA plugs, RCA jacks, mini RCA plugs & jacks, cable terminals, binding posts, banana plugs & jacks, tip plugs, push terminals, push terminal boards, adapters ( adaptors), mini microphone connectors, DIN plugs & jacks, metal connectors, XLR microphone matching transformers, plastic enclosures, AC sockets, AC adaptors, jack terminal boards, TV coaxial, Mini DIN plugs & jacks, , PLCC sockets, adaptor molding ( molding), centronic connectors, fuse holders, automotive cigarette plugs, automobile cigarette sockets, automobile antenna plugs & jacks, Scart plugs, neon LED indicators, clips lead sets, test lead sets, solderless cables, terminal blocks, modular jacks, line cords, relays, telephone pliers. (2) switches- dip switches, miniature toggle switches, sub-miniature toggle switches, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, toggle switches, sub-miniature micro switches. (3) connectors- SMA connectors, Twinax connectors, BNC connectors, TNC connectors, N connectors, UHF connectors, Mini-UHF connectors, antenna connectors, RCA connectors, European connectors, hand set cord connectors, SMB connectors, MCX connectors. (4) computer accessory ( accessories)- computer cables, computer multi-apertured connectors, modular ceramic lamp holders.