Chiar Haws Enterprise Corp.

Elevator Parts


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of passenger-cargo elevator, crance, shop traveler equipment and parts. Products includes main engine, traction type elevator, guide rail, counterweight, wire rope, cable, traction, heave, governor, inductor trestle, guide shoe, lift safety, device, brake, brake draw bar, collapsible gate, electronic, eye leveling, on floor alarm.

Main Products

industrial supplies- (1) mechanisms- traction and LEO traction machines, guide rails, wire ropes, sheaves, counter weights, thimbles, guide rail clips, rail brackets. (2) brake systems- drum brakes, governors, brake draw bars, safety devices. (3) electric systems- pus buttons, modular type copes. (4) switches- t type single wheel limit and emergency limit switches. (4) cab systems- spring buffers, cross flow fans, absorber & cab holders, safery latches, door locking switches, collapsible gates, home elevators, elevator decoration, spring buffer, door bars, rollers, cushions and bolts. (5) door, bolt and cab aluminum moldings. (6) main engines, cable sheaves, windlass, lift safety devices, brake pieces, cabs, electric controllers, panel welders, expanding screws, rake washers, mono-wheel limit switch crutches, mono-wheel guide & guide plates, cable case & poles, wire rope jackets, cab holders, safety side connecting rods.