Blowtac Industrial Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Established in 1982, Blowtac Industrial Co., Ltd has been a leading company in Taiwan regarding air related products as air compressors, air pumps, air blowers on its industrial and domestic applications in the fields of water aeration, air purification, vacuum, airbrush painting, automotive and pneumatic tools. We are good and efficient in OEM or ODM products development at good quality and competitive price by our R&D and production line teamwork. Your enquiry of air related products or solutions will be our goal to achieve with you.

Main Products

we provide air filtration systems, collection kits. (1) finishing & gluing tools- wooden handle foam brushes, airbrush, tanning airbrushes, air-powered double diaphragm pumps, magnetic diaphragm air pumps, tanning airbrush, glue bottle rollers, brush cleaners. (2) shop accessory, metal folding sawhorses, panel grippers. (3) safety products- V sticks, push blocks & sticks, safety jigs. (4) hardwares- magnets, casters, thread inserts, T nuts, folding shelf brackets, wrenches. (5) carving chisels- corner chisels, chisel sets, carving chisels & vises, pneumatic micro carvers. (6) sharpening tools- stone holders, speed grinders, jointer & planer knife hones, strops, kits, drill stands, sharpening jigs, polishing stones, water stone grinders. (7) sanding tools- turners, cleaning sticks, pneumatic drum sanders, table saw discs, sanding drum sets, grips, bench pads. (8) power tools- ratchet handles, loop keepers, T slot bolts, tapering jigs, bandsaw rollers, cutterhead gauges. (9) wood boring tools. (10) PVC flexible hoses, cabinet scrapers, biscuit masters, latex covers caps, leather powerstrops, offset rings. (11) HVLP turbo systems, air mini/ miniature air compressors, oil free compressors, ring blowers, roots blowers, submersible jet aerators, air aerators, jet aerators, submersible aerator, turbo jet aerators, membrane diffusers.