Jan Kee Industry Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of headwear and apparels, including caps, hats, wool berets, straw hats, dressy hats, textiles exported to USA, Japan, Europe and worldwide for more than 20 years.

Main Products

clothing & fashion accessory ( accessories)- (1) caps- 100% cotton flexible caps, washed caps, leather baseball caps, brushed caps, canvas caps, kids caps, sports caps, camo caps, tropical camouflage combat caps, olive drab combat caps, chauffeurs caps, engine drivers caps, security caps, guards caps, ladies hostess hats, denim caps. (2) hats- paper braid hats, PP hats, fabric braid sewing hats, knitted hats, flat caps, bucket hats, pigment dye bucket hats, wool berets, cold weather hats, camouflage helmet covers, straw hats. (3) garments- 100% cotton women's & men's shirts, 100% polyester men's shirts, children’s ( kiddy) apparel, polar fleece jackets, nylon vests, synthetic jackets, trousers, short pants, pantywaists. (4) bags & accessory ( accessories)- 100% nylon sports bags, polyester lanyards, nylon wristbands ( wrist bands).