Stingray International Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Stingray International Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and exporter of capacitors and resistor since 1994. Is an ISO 9002-certified manufacturer committed in the manufacturing of various capacitors and resistors. We specialize in all kinds of capacitors, resistors and others about electronic sections, and utilize automatic and standard operating procedure to achieve zero defects of our products and increase work efficiency. Besides, we also research constantly varied capacitor, electrolyzing aluminum of capacitor and creating varied technology. We are experienced in these products and Our clients cover all over the world, such as Europe, U.K, Middle East and America etc. At Stingray, we believe the best & prompt service and high quality of products are the important factors to keep our customers satisfied and loyal, and we have great confidence that we will make a difference to your business. Welcome to enquiry.

Main Products

electronic & electrical components- (1) capacitors- electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitors, aluminum capacitors, multilayer capacitors, power capacitors, polypropylene capacitors , radial capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, MLCC, metal film capacitor, film capacitors, SMD ceramic capacitor, ceramic & polyester capacitors. (2) electronic resistors- variable resistor, power resistors, carbon film resistors, high voltage resistors, metal film resistor, metal film resistors, metal oxide film resistors, surface mount resistors, resistor network, thick film chip resistors, wire wound ( wirewound) resistors, cement resistors, fusible resistors, Zinc Oxide Varistor, Zerohm resistors. (3) varistors- metal oxide varistor, metal oxide varistors, MOV. PTC Thermistors, NTC Thermistors.

fitness equipment, fitness equipments- exercise bike, exercise bikes, AB shapers, air walkers, balance board exercises, body building equipments, body solid fitness equipments, chest expanders, dumbbells, elliptical exercise equipment, elliptical trainers, exercise equipment fitness, exercise mats, exercise trainers, fitness ball exercises, fitness pumps, foldable motorized treadmills, multifunction & foldable ( folding) motorized treadmills, magnetic treadmills, gym balls, gym equipment, home fitness & gym equipments, home gym, motor steppers, motorized treadmills, outdoor fitness systems, physical education equipments & fitness, power twisters, recumbent exercise bikes, rowing & running machines, sit up benches, speedometers, spinal exercisers, stepper, trampolines, exercise treadmills, weight benches & lifting equipments, yoga blocks, recumbent bikes, fitness exercise cycles, inline skates bikes, magnetic & upright bikes, auto tension & steppers, multi-function home gym ( gymnastics) equipments, mini scoter, power body vibrators, fit massagers, relaxing power tonus, sporting goods, healthy strength equipments, body solid building equipments.