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low voltage power capacitors

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Detail Information

Description :

With built-in safety device and discharge resistor:
1. Self-healing mechanism: dielectric uses metallized polypropylene as in-between material; in case excessive voltage take place and damages the dielectric, the metallized film around the damaged spot will disappear instantly, and insulation is recovered immediately.
2. Built-in protective device and terminals attached with discharge resistors for safety use.
3. Small size, light and easy to install.
4. Low dissipation, low temperature rising, long life time.
5. Adopt non-polluted insulation oil, unharmed to human beings, animal, and environment.

Specification :

1. Standards: accordance with IEC 831, and CNS 1179,3738. 2. Ambient temperature: -25 ℃~+40 ℃.
3. Capacitance tolerance: -5%~+15%.
4. Maximum working voltage: 110% of rated voltage (less then 8 hours during 24 hours).
5. Maximum working current: 130% of rated current.
6. Losses: below 0.15%.
7. Discharge characteristic: after thr capacitors are disconnected from the power source, the residual voltage drops to 50 volts or lower within 1 minutes.
8. Safety: the safety device (Pressure Sensitive Interrupter) senses the build-up of pressure within the capacitor and interrupts the internal connections take the capacitor out of the circuit before rupture can ℃ cur.
9. Sealing test: no leakage on capacitor surface after 75℃ for 4 hours.
10. Temperature rising: below 25 ℃ when ambient temperature is below 40℃.

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