Kingly Star International Technology Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Kingly Star International Technology Co., Ltd. was found in 1998, which is the Taiwanese professional manufacture and specializes in Health Care, Medical Equipment, Sport Goods and TENS & EMS Series. We keep investing in R&D for several years, and doing our utmost to develop the newest and most advanced product to satisfy enormous demand of the international market and uncompromising requests from our customers; meanwhile, we have established reputation of trustworthiness all over the world. Recently, we were awarded Golden Medal in International Invention Exhibition 2002, Geneva. By focusing on high quality and multi-functions markets, our products have been approved by ISO 9002, EN 46002, CE 0434 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices in Taiwan R.O.C.) in 1999 and have been shielded by multi-countries protected patterns such as KS-500 Spinal Exerciser which is protected by the following patent: 3078805 in Japan, Nr.20021882.4 in Germany, 178594 in Taiwan, 2001100657 in Australia, 0270653 in Korea and ZL 00265728.7 in China. As the result, we dominate the great parts of market in America, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, England, Japan, etc, and are proud to provide the internationalized merchandises.

Main Products

health care & medical equipments- (1) sports ( sporting, exercise, fitness) equipments- spinal exercisers, facial chair version, energizers, economic & luxury massage chairs, foot massagers, body care products. (2) tens & ems (ten ems) units- micro computer therapeutic apparatuses, massage systems, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators, electronic muscle stimulators, electrical stimulation. (3) digital moist heating pads. (4) herbal medicine products- marvelous waist belts, shoes cushions, ankle & elbow & knee & wrist protectors. (5) slimming series- EMS slimming pants & magic gloves. (6) miscellaneous items- energy & medicinal ointments, far infrared ( IR) ease pads.