Hawk Electronics Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of electronic components, such as transformer, adaptors, power supply, speaker, amplifier, PC boards, inverter, battery charger, single/ multiple layers PC boards, CKD, SKD.

Main Products

electronic components & parts- (1) power transformers, AC DC ( AC to DC) & AC AC ( AC to AC) adapters ( adaptors), converters, switching power supply ( supplies), battery chargers, power & AC to DC inverters, ballasts, audio frequency & line matching transformers. (2) single-sided & carbon & silver boards. (3) silver ink jumper & carbon-printed PCB, LED lightings. (4) audio & video products- home theater system, Hi-Fi speaker & 3D & surround speaker system, multimedia PC audio system, car speakers & subwoofers, car separate system, marine & in-wall speakers system, subwoofer & amplifier accessory ( accessories). (5) silicone steel laminating transformers, common mode chokes, coil & transformers, tape & reel packing, PCB assembly ( assemblies), soft ferrite coil, SMD coils & transformers, SMD power inductors.