Zay Lon Co., Ltd.

All Kinds of Vacuum Packaging, Automatic Packaging and Design Equipments.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of automatic packaging equipments since 1980, vacuum pack-aging equipments and processing equipments for meat, prepared frozen and vegetarian diet. Specializes in various packaging, automatic packaging, designing the whole plant equipments for processing meat, seasoning, prepared frozen food, vegetarian diet.

Main Products

chamber and belt vacuum packaging machines, vertical automatic bags take out vacuum packaging machinery, vertical automatic bags produces, check weights, solid or viscosity liquid filling machines, automatic weighing & filling machines, table vertical automatic packaging machinery, automatic pillow type, 3 position sealing packaging machines, livestock, prepared frozen food processing machinery, machines & equipments, food processors & makers, food making & sealing ( sealers) machinery ( machines), whole-plant machinery, table boxes, cup sealing machines, vacuum hot forming machines, paper wrapping machines, vacuum compressed.