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Automatic Dryers

automatic dryer

  • Model No: AD-S / AD-D
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Sample Request: No
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

dry fry, dry shrimps, salted and dry meat, sausage, dry Meat dice.
1. Automatic temp. control ; temp. arrives to preset temp.,it will cut off automatically, and keep the temp steady.
2. Preset time ; when the time reaches the preset time, it will stop running automatically, lamp lights up and alarm device sounds.

Specification :

Model:AD-S single door(stainless steel) 1. Machine fimension: 1520(W)x1620(L)x2280(H)mm. 2. Power: A.(gas type) 1HP, 1Kg/H or. B.(electric heat type) 12KW, 3ø, 220V. 3. Capacity: net plate 720x720mm. 4. 40 slices/each trolley suspended pole:32 pcs/per set. 5. Ex: sausage 150Kg. 6. Weight: 350Kg. Model: AD-D Double Doors(stainless steel) 1. Machine dimension: 2660(W)x1620(L)x2280(H)mm. 2. Power: A.(gas type) 1HP,1.5Kg/H or. B.(electric heat type) 18KW, 3ø, 220V. 3. Capacity: net plate 720x720mm. 4. 80 slices/2 trolley suspended pole: 64 pcs. 5. Ex: sausage 150Kgx2=300Kg. 6. Weight: 600Kg.

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