Crocean Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of Food Processing Machines.


Company Introduction

China Royoung Machinery Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Crocean Industrial Co., Ltd are the companies who specialized in food processing machine field for many years with rich experience engaging not only in the parts supplying but also complete food processing machinery OEM for world's famous companies.

With advanced technology and rich experience in manufacturing of food processing machines, we invested in China and established a professional food machines manufacturing base in China Shanghai.

Product lines of our factories include meat grinder, sausage stuffing machine, mixers, meat slicer, etc. for households.We gathered the R&D teams efforts of Crocean, Youngfan, C.S.P. who leading food processing machine manufacturers in Taiwan and our China factory to develop new products and technologies, and will assure high quality to meet the demand of global customer at every phase from the parts production to assembly.

Both our companies in Taiwan and China, are well approved by our buyers on our products' quality.

The goal of our companies is to establish a R&D center in Taiwan as well as deploy manufacturing base in China Shanghai to provide worldwide markets with competitivness not only in quality but also in price than European similar products.

Main Products

1. Food Grinders
2. Grinder Accessories
3. Grinder Plates and Knives
4. Sausage Making Machines
5. Wheatgrass Juicers
And more food processing equipments for Industrial and Household.