Pheecom Technology Corporation

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer & exporter of computer networking peripherals, such as wireless LAN, broadband internet gateway, fiber optic ( WDM/ DWDM, LAN card, converter, switch ), giga ethernet, ethernet adapter, dumb/ dual-speed/ switching hub, LAN server ( ADSL/ cable modem router, printer server, internet router, internet access server ), PCMCIA & CF, USB & IEEE 1394, NAS, network interface card, bluetooth.

Main Products

computer networking peripherals-
(1) bluetooth- CF card, USB ( universal serial bus ).
(2) wireless LAN- wireless NIC, soho AP, wireless routers, wireless ethernet, wireless outdoor solutions, wireless starter kits.
(3) fiber optics- LAN cards, bridge/ media/ giga converters, fiber chassis, giga & modulaized fiber switches, 100Base-FX to 100Base-FX converters.
(4) broadband- soho broadband ( ADSL & cable ), enterprise braodband (G.SHDSL/ VPN), ISP broadband ( VDSL ), VoIP family/ families, ADSL outers & modems.
(5) hubs & switches- switch hubs, giga & fiber switches, layer 2 switches ( SNMP ), layer 3 switches.
(6) NAS & LAN servers.
(7) USB & IEEE 1394 series IEEE, WLAN.