Hai Yung Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Manufacturer of high pressure mist- spraying pumps and high power spray pumps such as fogging auto control systems, parts series, cover spray sets applied to golf court, assembly house, sheep farm, train station, camping area and hospital supplied worldwide since 1962.

Main Products

agriculture ( agricultural) equipments & farm machines ( machinery), household tools, sprayers & mists- (1) high power spray pumps (applied for spraying the agricultural chemicals and fertilizer, water supplying & irrigating, environmental cleansing). (2) cover spray sets- small blue & adjustable red nozzles, big red nozzles, big yellow nozzles, filter tubes, rod & rower sprayer valves, automatic valves. (3) fogging automatic control system (applied for green house,livestock,manufacturing,textile,sterilization)- moveable fan type mist making machinery, wall-mounted fan, PA ( automatic controlled mist making machines), PC ( manual mist making machinery). (4) parts series- water filters, handles, hose fittings, speedy & high pressure hoses, shears, stainless steel pipes, high pressure threaded elbow, temperature lowered ceramic nozzles, nozzle filters, nozzle plugs, high pressure one-way connector, high pressure female threaded connectors, high pressure three way, agricultural equipment, etc.