Kai-lien Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Plastic Product Extrusion Line


Company Introduction

Kailien Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a machinery which specializes in extrusion machine with high evaluation and affirmation of customer; we have abundant company resources and the professional technical development ability. Completely achieves and conforms to the customers’ strict request of the characteristic and design of extrusion machine. Since the company had been established, we designed divers professional extrusion machinery continuously and provide to the customers the best technology and service. We also insist on the quality of product and go through with this principle; therefore our all employees have received strict training and have the responsibility for quality guarantee. We insist the quality in the machine manufacturing process, before delivery the machinery to customer we must test running, examining and correcting for ensuring to keep good operation capability. If you are interested, please contact with us.

Main Products

OEM & ODM plastic products & relative tooling molds, industrial machine & construction plastic parts & accessories, PVC pipes, silk wired reinforce hoses, plastic extrusion equipment supply ( supplies)- plastics machinery, plastic machineries, plastic extruder, plastic extruders, twin screw extruder plastic extruding machine, single screw extruder, plastic products extruders, PVC rigid pipe & profile extruders, PVC pelletizing extruder, PVC high speed ( high-speed, highspeed, hi speed, hi-speed, hispeed) hot & cooling mixers, PP & PE & ABS pipe extruders, wall board extruder, PVC & PP & PE & ABS profile making machines, recycle ( recycled, recycling) material lips pipe, raw material mixer, door pallet, construction wave boards, gear boxes, construction foam sheet, pelletizers.