Chyao Shiunn Electronic Industrial Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Chyao Shiunn Electronic Industrial Ltd. was founded in April 1985, to produce a variety of wire connectors for distribution to Southeastern Asia and elsewhere across the world, and noticeably, to H.K. Malaysia, Singapore, Mainland China, Britain, India, Thailand, Italy, U.S.A., Europe. The company's equipments comprise essentially 40 sets of Full-Auto Plastic Injection Machines, 30 fully-Auto Stamping Machines, 50 sets of Full-Auto Pin Inserting Machines. Machines running from plastic pellets through to completion of production. Fully automatic operation. The company is furnished complete with senior developing engineers, QC, experts and operators of fully automated machines. We run our operation way from Design, Production; Packing and Shipping in a Throughput integrated execution. The company motto is simply this; to serve our customers with the best possible products delivered on time. All of our products have secured certification from Marks such as UL, CSA, TUV, and ISO 9001 approved. We have operation departments established in Hong Kong, China (ShangHai, Shenzhen), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, U.S.A., Britain and Italy. 30% out of the corporate surplus each year are appropriated for development costs, 10% thereof for employee's welfare, 50% thereof as corporate reserve fund, all and every employee, under a wholesome system and perfect welfare scheme work hard, devoted for the common wealth of the company.

Main Products

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components- wire to board connectors, board-in connectors, Card Edge Connectors, wire to wire connecters, FFC/ FPC connecters, SMT type connecters, mini USB/ USB CABLE/ IEEE 1394 connector, Board to Board connecctors, I/O Connectors, Chain/ Splice Terminals, Headers, Jumpers, Sockets, Other Connectors.